WallCrete D.I.Y. Prefab Technology

Primarily engages in the manufacturing, supply, and construction of structures using prefabricated reinforced concrete columns, wall panels, and tie beams.

Proven Strength
2500 PSI and tested to withstand the strongest calamities.

Save 15% on Total Project Cost.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise.

DIY, Fences, Panels, WallCrete, Guard Post, Dog House, Philippines

What Can You Build?

The patented Vazbuilt technology makes it easy to mix and match our prefabricated materials manufactured in a quality controlled environment.

We use nothing but superior grade raw materials.

Other Applications

  • Fences
  • Houses
  • Warehouses
  • Gazeebo
  • Convenience Store
  • Dog House
  • BBQ Pit
  • Guard Post
  • Tool Shed
  • Plant Box

WallCrete Innovating for Better Homes


Save Time

Save 30% on Construction Time using Wallcrete’s easy to install prefab system.


Save Money

Save 15% on Project Cost. You need less workers and time to complete projects.


Strongest Product

Our products use a 2,500 PSI which is 200% stronger than traditional hollow blocks.


Trusted Company

WallCrete Company Inc. offers the patented Vazbuilt technology. The trusted brand since 1990.

Hear what our customers have to say with WallCrete

“Awesome designs. STRONG Materials. Easy to install.”

Mark Lester Lucena

Home Owner

“5 Stars on customer service and training! Made the job easy!”

Pablo Vicencio


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Save 15% on Project Cost
and 30% on Construction Time

Stronger. Eco-Friendly. Affordable. Fast. Easy.